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Gabrielle Vizzavona’s wine and spirit selection at Le Pavillon de la Reine Place des Vosges in la Marais , Paris:

Calling Gabrielle Vizzavona a wine writer is like referring to Da Vinci only as a sketch artist.

This blossoming icon of Paris is a wine journalist for Le Figaro (oldest newspaper in France) as well as a wine consultant, emerging television personality, wine teacher and economics graduate of the Sorbonne who chose to work with wine instead of numbers. Gabrielle hops around the world and tastes thousands of bottles a year (that Instagram post of Château Latour paired with pizza? Just another day of life for this vintage vagabond).

Dinner with her is often a six-hour gathering with three courses, several bottles and a finale that often includes sipping digestifs with a chef after the kitchen closes.

“Every Parisian knows Place des Vosges,” she explained. “It’s really the flagship of French culture and has so much history. And this hotel? I arrived here, and it’s like time is suspended.”

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