- EXPERTE EN VINS & SPIRITUEUX -

journaliste, dégustatrice, chroniqueuse TV, conférencière et acheteuse


I live in Paris but I cruise in the vineyards all around!


I was born in Paris and at a very young age the love of wine grew in me. I vinified my first wine at age 9, when our teacher - passionate about it - made us do it in class. My grandfather also had a vineyard in bordeaux for a little while and, well, I guess there was alwayd a bottle on our table for diner and wine for pretty central to our celebrations like it is often the case in france...

It wasn't until I fully emancipated. It took me 5 years after highschool -during which I earned of economics a Master degree in finance from La Sorbonne and a Master of public economy from Ecole Normale Supérieure- to get to know wine better. I studied four more years : the diploma of the WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) , the two years vineyards world tour (Msc Wine management) of the International Wine Organization (which had me visiting 30 wine producing countries!) and Davis in California.


Endless wine tastings, inspiring encounters and trips later...


Today I have three main activities in wine:


- I am a speaker : I do many conferences for brands and schools (like 500 + hours a year)


- I write about wine for the french newspaper Le Figaro - I also  taste and make selections


- I am a buyer for big groups


If you wish, you can keep in touch with me on social networks (links on my homepage).